Married Dancing Couple

Wedding dance 

  • No prior dance experience needed.

  • We will make sure to create a dance that you won't forget.

  • Preparing for your wedding day?

  • Our instructors are highly experienced choreographers. 

Wedding packages

Assessment class

  • 30 min class

  • Meet your instructor

  • Choose a style

  • Pick a song

  • Create a plan

This 30 min introductory offer is the best way to start planning for your "Big day". During this class your instructor will present you all possible style options and will help you to choose your song.


Bronze package

Silver package




Gold package

Frequently asked questions!

  • How many lessons should we take?
We advise all of our couples to take at least 7-10 lessons. The amount of lessons depends on the complexity of the steps. We also advise you to take a couple of group classes to get a better idea of the movement.
  • What should we prepare or take with us?
We always encourage couples to choose their own song, but if you don't we will help you by presenting you with multiple options that you can choose from.
  • How long before the big day do we start our lessons?
We advise our couples to start 3-4 months before the wedding. There will be a learning curve and we want you to feel confident on your day.
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