are the best way to learn new dance moves and technique in a fun and dynamic setting. 

We offer a wide range of group classes.

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Group classes



7-8pm Belly dance for BODY and SOUL for beginners  (Virtual and studio)



7-8pm- Salsa on 2 CLUB STYLE for Absolute beginners (starts oct 27)  (Studio) with Josie LaRiccia

8-9pm- Salsa on 2 CLUB STYLE for Advanced beginners (starts oct 27) (Studio) With Josie LaRiccia


1-1:45pm- Semi private (5sessions) with Brook Metcalfe 10.21-11.19 new students only.

6:15-7:30pm- Beginner/Intermediate Ballet Class with Renee Lavandier (Virtual and studio)

7:30-8:30pm- Bachata with Maria Lavandier (studio)


6:30-7:30pm- Rhythm and song With Jimmy Tate (Virtual and studio)


4-45pm- Ballroom fundamentals with Yulia Julia Mincheva (Virtual and studio)   



9-10am (7-10 years old) Kids Ballroom/Latin course

10-11am (4-7 years old) Kids Ballroom/Latin course 

Duration: oct 3rd-dec 19th (no class on nov 28) Open class on dec 19th


11-12pm- Latin Basic Interpretations (Jive) with Victoriya Kolbenkova  (Virtual and studio)

12-1pm West coast swing with Brook Metcalfe (studio and virtual)


12-1pm Ballett Technique and movement with Maxine Sherman (Virtual and studio) Nov 8,15,22 and Dec 6,13

5:15-6pm International Slow Waltz with Vitaly Novikov (Studio)

6:15-7pm International Samba (arm styling) with Vitaly Novikov (Studio)

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