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"Exclusively" News

We are starting our last countdown to "Spring Invitational" event. Please check your heat list! 

Click to enjoy event live

For those who wants to see event LIVE please purchase admission ticket here                          

  or 25$ at the door!

Join us for Spring Invitational with Katusha Demidova

on April 11th, 2021

26 Broadway, Hawthorne NY, 10532


We would like to welcome you back to our first Showcase of the year!

We are so happy to provide all dancers with a safe space to dance and enjoy the things we love the most.

Safety is our priority, that is why we decided to run our event in SESSIONS.

Sessions with list of participants will be announced closer to the date. 

Please be responsible and follow the safety guidelines.


We provided registration forms for you to download, please photo copy and send back to us, so we can start working on the schedule!

* Guidlines and Sessions form is mandatory to participate in our event!


1.What is Proficiency ?

  -it's not a competition but you do get scored on the quality of your dancing.

2. How do I choose between Artistic or Static video style ?

 - Static is when camera is in a tripod and won't be moved as you move around the floor.

 - Artistic style is when a videographer follows you around the floor which creates a more immersive look.

3. What safety precautions should I take while participating in this event?

 - Wear a mask, sanitize hands often and keep reasonable distance between other participants.

4. When do I get my heatlist?

 - Friday, April 9.

5. What is dance Evaluation ?

 - Katusha will give you her personal opinion on your performance. Your performance will be analyzed and scored on the things like Musicality, Rhythmmicality, Connection and more....

6. How long is the event? 


7. Is Live Stream free ?

   - Yes !                   

For any additional questions please email us at




  • Studio pass required

  • Masks required 

  • Temperature checks

  • Gloves optional

  • Limited occupancy

  • Main ballroom up to 5 lessons

  • Studio A up to 2 lessons

Safety is our number one priority. Our studio provides all the guideline essentials, and we are committed to keeping the studio environment as safe as possible.


We're all in this together...

Have fun, exercise and learn the art of dance. No partner needed

Stay in shape

Have fun

Meet new friends

Release stress

Build confidence

Meet the founder

Nikolai Shpakov is a world renowned dancer and competitor. He won multiple world titles all over the globe, and now he shares his passion and knowledge with everyone who's interested in learning the beauty of movement. Knowledge through fun is his main strategy.

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